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Our professionals use some of the most sophisticated surveying tools and software available.

The surveying department at Eli & Associates has over 50 years of collective experience in the field.

A few services we routinely perform:

land surveying

  • Boundary Surveys or Lot Surveys- Find/Set/Mark  existing property corners. Boundary marking for fence building, setbacks, encroachments, or other concerns.

  • ALTA/NSPS Surveys - Depending on Table A requirements, usually show boundary lines, all improvements, easements, and encroachments and are usually performed for lending institutions and are generally associated with valuable commercial real estate purchases.

  • Topographic Mapping- Digitally rendered contour maps serve as the foundation of the design processs. ie: drainfields, stormwater plans, grading plans, etc.

  • ​Property Research - Almost every project starts with some amount of records research. We will help you gain a full understanding of the appurtenances of your property.  ie: legal access, deeds and title, covenants, easements, etc.

  • Construction Staking- Practical and precise layout for any improvement.  ie: grading, utilities, roads, bridges, buildings, etc.

  • Floodplain Analysis - determining the development limitations of your land.

  • Floodplain Surveying - Determine how much of your land can be removed from the flood plain. Elevation Certificates, Letter of Map Amendments (LOMAs).​ May eliminate need for flood insurance.​​